Preparing Datapack

Before programming the contents into the KULUMI, the datapack must be specifically prepared. 

  1. Arrange your folder structure like the example content on the SD card. There are 3 layers of navigation. Top (Root folders), Middle (Sub Folders) Bottom (Files in the Sub folders)

This will not work:


This will work:


  1. The first file in the first root folder and its first sub folder must be called "The_Story_of_Jesus...mp3". If this file is removed or if you add a card that does not include this file then Anti-Tampering will be activated. The light will then not work until it can verify that the file is present again. The Mini will flash its main light to indicated that Anti-Tampering verification is being performed.
  2. Use a MP3 file for "The_Story_of_Jesus...mp3" file. Any other file type may cause issues.
  3. (If you are using SaberCopy, you can skip this step) Remove any hidden system folders from your datapack. The Mac creates a lot of files that can cause issues for our player. There is a setting in the windows explorer that enables you to see the hidden items. In Win 10 it is "View > Hidden Items". This is usually not a problem if your content has not been accessed by a Mac computer.

When you are done preparing the datapack, you can proceed with programming your content into your KULUMI. (Instructions here)