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The KULUMI MINI’s LED has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours. MINI has 4 levels of brightness. At full power, the lamp emits 150 lumens of light up to 10 meters (33 feet) or as few as 10 lumens when just a little light is needed. Depending on the brightness setting used, Mini can last for 4-35h.                                         













MINI’s light is a hybrid between a lamp and a flashlight. Its light is directional like that of a flashlight and creates a uniform light like that of a lamp. MINI takes an amount of light, focuses it then spread it out more uniformly at 120 degrees. This gives a higher and more efficient lux to power ratio.

The KULUMI MINI has a rechargeable 3.2V/1500 mAh LiFePo4 battery, 1000-2000 charge cycles, and 4-35hrs of use depending on the brightness setting. The LED light has 4 brightness settings: 10% , 25% , 50% and 100%. For each one of these, the battery life will differ. 

Below is a breakdown of the battery life using MINI at different brightness settings:

 35 hrs18 hrs7 hrs4 hrs

The lithium polyester battery can be recharged via solar panel or a normal micro-USB cable.

With solar panel: Typical charge time is 10-12 hours under direct sunlight. 

With micro-USB cable and 5V power adapter: Typical charge time is 2 hours. (We supply a 500mm micro-USB cable)

Mini can be left for weeks and even months unused until there is a sudden need and it will still turn on without any problem.

The Audio Player can be used for 14h at 100% volume if the light is not used.  

Via Solar Panel: Typical charge time is 10-12 hours under direct sunlight.

Via Micro-USB cable: Typical charge time is 2 hours.

Press on the “Light Icon” once to turn it on. It will be at the lowest level of brightness i.e. 10 lumens. Press a 2nd time for 40 lumens, a 3rd time for 75 lumens, a 4th time for 150 lumens (the maximum). Press a 5th time to turn it off.

It is a 2W speaker. Loud enough for about 20 people to hear the audio.

Kulumi Mini has 3 levels of content navigation. Below the “Audio Power Button”, there are 6 buttons for content navigation. (See Red Box in the photo)

  1. Main/Root Folder (e.g. Old Testament / New Testament)
  2. Sub Folder (e.g. Book of Genesis)
  3. File (e.g. Chapter 1)

We can do it for you (for bulk orders) or you can do it yourself via a loading cable. 

Kulumi Mini receives modulated FM signals with a frequency range of 76 to 108MHz.

It also has a 3.5 mm earphone jack which can be used to get better reception.

Use the supplied 800 mm cable as an antenna and plug it into the earphone jack.

To search for the radio stations, press the buttons in the Red Box as seen in the photo.

To switch between FM and Micro SD card content, press the FM/SD button in the Green Box as seen in the photo.


Kulumi Mini is not waterproof but is very water-resistant with a rating of IPX6. It is also shock and weather resistant.

The printed circuit board (PCB) has a conformal coating applied to it. It is a thin polymeric film that protects electronic circuits from harsh environments that may contain high humidity, a range of airborne contaminants and varying temperatures.

They are designed to be very durable even when pressed numerous times. But if there is any defect, please contact us promptly at:

Yes. Simply plug in your phone’s cable into the USB port.

The solar panel is 0.7 W. It will take 10-12 hours to recharge the Kulumi Mini via the solar panel.

Dimensions: 136 x 82 x 33mm (5.35” x 3.21” x 1.29”)

Weight: 195 g (0.429 lbs.)

ProductRetailBulk (min. 100)
 KULUMI Mini$24$20


We offer a bulk price of $20 per unit for a minimum order of 100 units. For any more offers, please contact us at:

You can order from us for now. You can request for a quotation to get started on the ordering process. 

We are currently working to get the units available for online retails. Sign up to our newsletter to be updated on the news!

We would be very happy to hear from you. Please send us a message here:


KULUMI Sheep is made of hypoallergenic polyester material. It is safe for children and it will not cause any allergic reaction.

You can upload your own audio content. We can help you pre-load the units before shipping.

Fully charged + max. volume: 5 hrs

Fully charged + moderate volume: 8 hrs

Fully charged + low volume: 12 hrs

It is a 3.7 V / 500 mAh Li-Po battery. It is rechargeable by using a microUSB cable.

Long press the button above the nose to turn it on. Wait until the red light appears below the Sheep’s neck. Long press to turn it off. Short press for pause. 

It is a 2W speaker. The volume is loud enough for a small group of people to hear the audio and low enough for bed time.

To increase the volume: Long press one of the front feet

To decrease the volume: Long press one of the rear feet

KULUMI Sheep has 2 levels of content navigation, meaning that you can switch between the folders and files.

To change from one file to the next one: Press the front left foot

To change from one file to the previous one: Press the front right foot

To change from one folder to another folder: Press one of the rear feet

If you had turned it off or it had shut down automatically, then you turn it on again, it will pick up where it left off.

KULUMI Sheep has an internal lithium battery that is rechargeable via our supplied microUSB cable, or any other normal microUSB cable. Simply plug in the cable in the little open section next to the zipper. We designed that little space so the charging cable can connect to the battery pack easily without having to open the zipper. When charging, a red light will appear below the Sheep’s neck, then turn orange when it is almost full, and turn green when it is fully charged.

Typical charge time (from empty to full): 5 hours

Yes. The Sheep will auto-shutdown after approx. 1 hour of inactivity.

The audio player will stop playing after 45mins, and the red light will blink for 15 mins before turning off completely.

Each time the buttons are pressed when navigating, the time for auto-shutdown is reset.

When it is turned on again, it will resume playing where it left off.

They are designed to be very durable even when pressed numerous times. But if there is any defect, please contact us promptly here.

Yes. But first, you need to remove the speaker/battery pack as it should NOT get wet. Open the zipper and detach the pack from the wires by pulling gently. The integrated wires and buttons can be soaked as they are waterproof.

We designed the zipper this way so the slider/pull tab is hidden and out of reach of children. We wanted to prevent children from playing with the pull tab and accessing the battery pack/speaker. Parents can access the pull tab by pulling the zipper out gently. ***It is NOT a defect***

We designed this space so it is easy to plug in the charging cable without having to open the zipper. ***It is NOT a defect***

Micro SD card

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