Solar Audio Player

The KULUMI X is the latest addition to the KULUMI family of products.

It is a solar powered audio player with high sound quality, 8GB internal memory, 3 levels of content navigation, rechargeable Li-ion battery and built-in solar panel.
Its compact and water-resistant design makes it lightweight, durable and cost effective.

0.4W Solar Panel

  • Charge time via solar panel: 8 to 10 hours in full sunlight
  • Charge time via power adaptor/5V@1A source: 2 to 3 hours

Rechargeable battery

  • 3.7V / 500mAh Li-ion battery, 500 charge cycles, 6 to 8 hours of use

Compact and lightweight

  • Size: 50x19x100mm (2”x0.75”x4”)
  • Weight: 75g (0.17 lbs.)

1W Speaker

  • High sound quality with adjustable volume

Navigation Keypad

  • 3 levels of content navigation to access main folders, sub-folders and files
  • 8GB internal memory accessible via our special loading cable (sold separately at $0.73)

Water Resistant

  • Rating: IP65
  • Durable rubber covers

Size Comparison: KULUMI X and KULUMI MINI

The KULUMI X is also available in blue

Customization applies for a minimum order quantity. Contact us for more info.



  • Audio player:
    Internal 8GB memory with programmable content and 3 levels of content navigation
  • Speaker:
    Built-in 1W speaker that enables about 10 people to hear the audio content
  • Solar Panel:
    Built-in 0.4W Solar Panel
  • Battery:
    3.7V / 500mAh Li-ion battery (500 charge cycles), rechargeable via Micro USB cable (2-3 hrs) or built-in 0.4W solar panel (8-10 hrs), 6-8 hours of use
  • Water Resistance:
  • Micro USB port:
    5V DC/300mA input
  • Earphone port:
    Use 3.5mm earphone (180°)
  • Material:
    Plastic Polymer ABS
  • Physical Size:
    50x19x100mm (2”x0.75”x4”), 75g (0.17 lbs.)
  • Patent number:
    ZL 2022 3 0087866. 6


  • Retail price: US$29.99/unit (includes shipping within the US)
  • Bulk price: US$14/unit (minimum 10 units)
  • Wholesale price: US$10/unit (minimum 100 units)
  • Bulk and wholesale prices exclude shipping, any custom duties and VAT/GST at the country of destination

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Kulumi X Yellow with black charging cable and green data cable for loading audio content

Kulumi X Blue with black charging cable and green data cable for loading audio content

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