Pilot application

Kulumi family

To apply for 5 free units of your preferred KULUMI product, please complete the form and read the terms and conditions before submitting.

Our goal with this sponsorship is to get the units to the people who need them.

Terms and Conditions

Purpose: The applicant must be from an organization that does outreach projects. The units should be used in the field among the people group you are serving/ engaging with.

Feedback: We would highly appreciate it if you could give us some non-sensitive photos and testimonies that we can use in our newsletters, articles and website.

Survey: We value your feedback and will ask you to complete two survey forms. One survey one month after initial deployment and another survey after six months.

Audio Content: We can help you pre-load custom audio content and you can also update the audio content by following the instructions at: www.kulumi.org/program

Shipping and other fees: We will pay for shipping; however, applicant must pay for duties that may arise. 

Privacy: We will keep your personal details confidential and will not share your data with anyone else.